Internet of Things

Work on real time cloud projects and Embiot projects as their assignments. This helps IoT training successful and candidate will become knowledge-full and professional in IoT industry.


IoT training in bengaluru by Embiot Technologies offers both live online training and classroom training. By under going Internet of Things training candidate will learn the core concepts and depth knowledge of hardware devices, supporting sensors(analog& digital sensors), integration of controllers with sensors and bringing the real-time data to the cloud. Also controlling the end devices from server side as well as from front-end app or web apps.

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Candidate will be working on real time cloud projects and Embiot projects as their assignments.
Helps IoT training successful and candidate will become knowledge-full and professional in IoT industry.
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Industrial IoT ₹ 12,000₹ 13,000
Internship on IoT ₹ 6500
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Limited seat in the batches
60 hours training
Certificate of Completion

Industrial IoT Course content

Classes and Objects

Constructors and Destructors

Friend Functions

Operator Overloading

Data Conversions



File Handling

Overall Architecture with detailed explanation

Application or use with IoT Analytics

Market Landscape/Business or JOB opportunities in detail

Availability of Ready-made IOT Hardware + Software + Platform solutions

Embedded Hardware Overview: Schematics, Pin Diagram, Protocols, Datasheets, PCB Design Tools and prototype steps.


STM supporting IDEs of your choice

Arduino Programming Fundamentals: Arduino IDE [variables to arrays, callbacks, for loops and if statements]

Hands on Session: Read Real world data from Analog/Digital

Depth explanation of every layer of TCP/IP stack with practical examples IPv4 addressing problem for IOT and introduction to IPv6. ALTERNATIVELY, Why IPv6 is required to address more devices.

Networking Theory

  1. OSI Layer Model
  2. Protocol Stack Model
  3. IOT Protocol
  4. Importance of Brokers
  5. Packet size (Header length)/payload tracing using Wireshark network analyser tool
  6. Protocols Architecture & Depth explanation of existing IOT cloud platforms

Energy & Industrial Applications on Blynk IOT cloud platform

Environmental Applications on thing-speak IOT cloud platform

Energy & Industrial Applications on Blynk IOT cloud platform

Enterprise & Healthcare Applications on Ubidot IOT cloud platform

Smart home Applications on Embiot IOT cloud platform.


Salient features of linux

Linux system organization

Linux file systems

Process management

Inter process communication

Memory management

Introduction to Python

Basics of Python

Hands on practical

Play with python/Sensors interfacing & coding with Raspberry-Pi GPIO pins

Multi-session + Playing with python (Arithmetic Conditions + Loops + functions) + Analog/Digital Sensor (Input) interfacing with GPIO’s + Actuator (Output) interfacing

Advance part of Smart City Applications on Embiot

Build your first End-To-End IOT product using Rasp-berry pi device

  • Getting started with Raspberry-Pi: Raspberry-Pi Hardware Description & Interfacing Components + Booting + Wi-Fi/Bluetooth setup + Accessing the Pi + Rasp-Bean OS (Linux) + basic commands + SSH (Putty/X-Ming)

Automation Application on AWS IOT platform

Automobile Application on IBM Blue-mix Watson platform Advanced

Setup your own MQTT server on raspberry-pi device

Install Hive-MQ/Mosquitto Broker (MQTT) on Raspberry-pi

MQTT lens & MQTT fx, virtual client to client communication

MEAN stack: Install MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js & Node.js to develop front end & back-end.

Other npm dependencies: Install some other npm dependencies such as (A web-socket Framework), body-parser, mongoose etc.

Perform basic REST operation via APIs (PUT/GET/DELETE/POST).

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