Learn Python like a Professional! Start from the basics and go all the way to creating your own applications and games!


Python programming language is one among the most popular programming languages that is being used today. Python is an interpreted high level programming language for general purpose programming. Python programming language was created by Guido Van Rossum in the year of 1980’s. Python programming language is derived from many other languages, including ABC, Modula 3, C, C++, Unix Shell Scripting and other scripting Languages.

Why This Course

It supports wide range of applications from simple text processing, web development
Python is an interpreted language, you don’t have to compile the program before executing it.
Python is easy to learn, it has few keywords, simple structure and clearly defined syntax. This will help person to pick up the language very quickly.
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25 days training
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Course content

Interactive shell (IDLE).

Command line executable script files.

IDE/User interface.





Conditional statements with If, If-Else, If-Else If-Else.

Loop statements with For and While loops.

Understanding Continue and Break keywords.

List in python.

Understanding & Using Ranges.

Tuples in Python.

Dictionaries in python.

Sets in python.

Reading and Writing text files.

Writing text files.

IDE/User interface.

Writing binary files manually.

Modules in python.

The standard python library.

Functions in python.

Exception Handling in python.

Classes and Objects.

Class And Object Variables.

Methods and ‘Self’ variable.

The __init__ method.


Advanced Python Programming Course content

Matching character using regular expressions.

Data extraction using regular expressions.

Database Concepts.

Database Browser for SQLite.

Creating Database Table.

Working with twitter and store retrieved data in our database.

Basic Data Modelling.

Installing Django.

Running the server.

Adding Apps.

Creating our Project model.

Creating the projects view.

Using the Admin panel.

Deploying django on hosting.

Introduction to Flask.

Hello world app.

Working with Templates.

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