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Selenium first came to life in 2004 when Jason Huggins was testing an internal application at ThoughtWorks. Being a smart guy, he realized there were better uses of his time than manually stepping through the same tests with every change he made. He developed a Javascript library that could drive interactions with the page, allowing him to automatically rerun tests against multiple browsers. That library eventually became Selenium Core, which underlies all the functionality of Selenium Remote Control (RC) and Selenium IDE. Selenium RC was ground-breaking because no other product allowed you to control a browser from a language of your choice.

Why This Course

Selenium is a portable software-testing framework for web applications.
It is used by many major online enterprises for testing their web interfaces including Facebook and Google
Once set up, it is delivers an efficient way to generate test scripts, validate functionality.
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Course content

What is automation.

Different automation tools available in market.

When do go for automation.

How to configure selenium jars in eclipse.

Architecture of selenium Web-Driver.

Explanation on various HTML tags and attributes.

Distributed Computing Concepts.

By id.

By name.

By partial link test.

By xpaths.

By Css Selector.



Text field.

Radio button.


Dropdown box.

Search box.

Explanation on Robot class.

String selection class.

By index.

By Value.

Create properties files in eclipse.

Storing data in properties files.

How comment in properties file.

Advantage of storing xpaths in properties files.

Developing generic code using properties files with selenium WebDriver.

Annotations of Junit.

Developing check points with Junit and Selenium.


Running ant in command prompt window.

Running test in batch.

Generating HTML based reports using ANT and build.xml.

Developing .bat file to run ANT.

Annotations of TestNg.

Developing check points with TestNg and Selenium.

verifying page tile.

verifying page text.

verifying edit box.

verifying links.

Verifying buttons and many more.

Parameterizing test using Junit.

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